Qatar Careers the professions most in demand

Qatar Careers: the professions most in demand

Within the job prospects in which we find ourselves, more than one has come up with the possibility of leaving our country and looking for offers abroad. One of the destinations that always appears is Qatar, especially attractive for the salaries they offer. In this article, we will talk about Qatar Careers.

Do you have an attractive profile for the recruiters of the Middle East?

The main skills that are sought are to speak English or Arabic, good leadership skills and the ability to work as a team. If we are willing to expatriate and go to work in Qatar, the salary conditions are very attractive, but also the salary package can be accompanied by tax exemption, medical insurance or even subsidize the purchase of flights to our country of origin. All salaries are usually negotiated in dollars, and taking into account the current change, the pay is even more succulent.

What are the professions Qatar Careers most in demand?

Pilots and cabin crew: Currently, one of the professions that are booming is that of the pilot, for airline companies in Qatar. A large number of pilots from all over the world have decided to accept these lucrative offers of work due mainly to the impossibility of a stable job in their countries of origin. In addition, cabin staff is also constantly being recruited.

Financial services professionals: There are also many vacancies for financial workers, such as accountants or risk analysts. The big financial entities are expanding their influence in Qatar and need to fill the vacancies generated by this expansion. The great demand generated by this and other factors results in offers of exorbitant salary packages for those who undertake expatriation.

Management positions: Personnel with good qualifications to occupy management positions have opportunities in any of the start-ups or multinationals that are disembarking in the area, taking advantage of the bright economic situation. These companies have the need to hire trained professionals who are not easily in the area due to unexpected growth. Thus, companies focus on recruiting foreigners attracted by very high salaries in one of the fastest growing economies worldwide.

Labor in the oil industry: There are also jobs for less qualified workers in one of the many oil companies in the country. We must not forget that the oil jobs in Qatar industry is the main source of income for this large Qatari economy.

Hotel staff: The tourism sector is also a niche for job opportunities if you handle the necessary languages. Hotel receptionists, bellboys, cleaning and maintenance staff could reach a very striking salary after a certain experience in the area.

The waiters and hospitality staff: Within the Middle East, Doha has a special attraction for its wide range of restaurants, leisure and entertainment, a lively nightlife with a large number of clubs and discos scattered throughout the city. This has as a consequence the existence of many job offers for waiters or bartenders. On the other hand, the large hotel offer in the areas demands chefs and waiters.

Health personnel Qatar Careers: The search for medical personnel is one of the most requested because the ratio of population per doctor is still very low and within their welfare society project should improve this figure. It is estimated that close to 100,000 vacancies of doctors and nurses have to be filled in the coming years.

Construction workers: This sector is booming, so professionals specialized in electrical installations, plumbing, cold and air conditioning specialists, as well as in industrial machinery, insulation or civil engineering structures are required.


    • Tarsem Masih - November 11, 2018

      I have valid light driving licence from Qatar and very familiar with the new roads worked for6 years in Qatar.Is there any vacancy for light driver?

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    • lylia - December 30, 2018

      I’m Algerian good looking and sportive girl educated I’m a student in journalism and I master 5 Languages

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    • Bendada Ala-eddine - January 21, 2019

      I am Algerian and I worked salesman in Shop for one years and I have a diploma master 2 language and German civilization. I am not bad in English. I am looking for a job as a salesman or teacher of the German language.

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      • Sofiane - March 25, 2019

        As salamou aleykoum akhi Ala Eddine,
        Tu peux postuler auprès du Centre Ghöet ( je ne sais pas si je l’ai bien écrit!!!) Pour l’enseignement de l’allemand.
        Bonne chance mon frère.

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    • محمد الأمين - March 5, 2019

      لدي ديبلوم في الطبخ . و ديبلوم في الإسعافات الأولية ولست متهاون أو عاجز فقط أحب العمل بجد

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    • Olalekan Ibrahim - March 6, 2019

      I am a Nigerian currently working as an ESL(English) teacher and administrator in China. I wish to move to Qatar for employment because I have passion for developing in the country.

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    • sudhakaran et - March 16, 2019

      I am Sudhakaran, handled construction and interior works in many multi storied buildings and five star hotel projects in India and abroad, since Qatar is a fast developing country, i would like to work in Qatar.

      I have 30 years of experience in Managing construction and interior execution work at various projects,

      The major projects handled under, Taj group of Hotels (India), Galfar Engineering and Contracting (Oman-Muscat) Al Shafar Contacting (Dubai), Map Interiors (Dubai)

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    • Hamza - November 3, 2019

      حمزة ايشو حاصل على دبلوم في الطبخ أحب عملي بجد لي أنني احب المطبخ وأريد العمل لي تطوير مهرات

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    • Mr.Rai - December 5, 2019

      Hi, sir/madam

      I am chalendra rai nationality nepal. I live in doha qatar.I’m willing to work in hotel and restaurant. I’ve above 8 years experience in this sector.I hope I can join the company.

      Visa type: residency ( transferable )


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    • Dr. Kavita Khullar - March 8, 2020

      Hi! An educationist with 25 years of experience. Looking for position of Principal / Director in School .
      Open to any Administrative job. Kindly let me know where I can post my CV.
      Keen to relocate to Qatar

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    • أمجد - April 6, 2020

      امجد مهدي محمد خريج دبلوم كهربا
      الدولة السودان
      عملت لمطاحن الغلال بالسودان فني تشقيل
      عملت في العلاقات العامه شهدات خبره
      الإيميل Amgad mhade

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    • Brahim Bounaga - May 14, 2020

      Je suis marocain. J’ai un diplôme en restauration DTH. j’espère m’en accorder un poste de travail soit Cuisinier ou serveur. Merci

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    • Khald bnlamkkadam - June 3, 2020

      Que la paix soit sur vous, je suis Khaled de Sidi Rahal, j’ai 29 ans, la deuxième année d’études au baccalauréat, titulaire d’un diplôme en composition métallique et permis de conduire avec mon numéro de téléphone 0615864970

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    • مَزِّدِلَفِّهِ أّلَجِيِّلَيِّ - July 12, 2020

      مَزِّدِلَفِّهِ أّلَجِيِّلَيِّ مَنِ دِوِلَةّ أّلََّسوِدِأّنِ
      ګلَيِّةّ عٌلَوِمَ أّلَحٌأَّّسوِبِ وِ تّقِأّنِةّ أّلَمَعٌلَوِمَأّتّ
      قََِّّسمَ دِبِلَوِمَ نِظّمَ أّلَمَعٌلَوِمَأّتّ

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    • WAHID KHANTI - July 22, 2020


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      • عمر عبد اللطيف عثمان - October 9, 2021

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        من ضمن تيم شركة ناس بورت التي كانت تعمل في المناوله الارضية لشركة قطر للطيران
        لدي خبرة 7سنوات في مجال خدمات الطيران .. كما كنت اعمل في شركة ماكس للخدمات الارضية مطار الخرطوم. قسم الترافك من ٢٠١٠/١٠ وحتي ٦ /٢٠١٦ .. ارغب في العمل في القطرية للطيران .. وشكرأ ان

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    • K.s.shukla - October 25, 2020

      Please let me know is there any opportunity in port operation, shipping and logistics department.i am looking job relevant to my experience.

      I lost my job due to current pandemic situation.

      **I have Qatar’s driving license. **

      Request you to kindly advise me if there is any opportunity in your company.

      Ready to join immediately.


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