Jobs in Qatar – jobs in Doha

Qatar is a place of opportunities. Never had a gulf state been so successful than this. Like many Gulf States, except for United Arab Emirates, Qatar has been recession proof and during that time it has been growing rapidly. Starting from the fishing and pearling activities, this country has come along way since its oil exploration in 1940s.

The country is the second richest country in the world and it has widely used its wealth for the welfare of people. Population size does not account for prosperity but a good governing system and stable economic condition does so. Recently winning the bid for hosting FIFA World Cup in 2022 against United States,

Qatar has come in the limelight of millions of investors from around the world. Future is going to change for the better for the country as foreign and local investment is expected to boost Jobs in Qatar.

The country is prospering in every field. Not just depending on the oil fields, Doha knows the importance of education for the people and that is why it has been emphasizing a lot on the education sector. Thousands of schools are located across the country and universities are also functioning with international teaching methodologies.

This sector has increased the demand for Qatar jobs and thus teachers are employed in the schools with handsome salaries. Mostly women work in the education sector which is beneficial for the women too.

Jobs in Qatar

Qatar Doha is focusing a lot on its tourism though the industry will boost in the next couple of years because of the FIFA fever. People from across the world now know more about Qatar and this is exposing them to Qatar’s rich culture fused with modernity.

Once the tourism sector is developed it will generate lots of jobs in service sector. Qatar hotels are already famous for their foods, but further construction will be needed to accommodate visitors in 2022. Automatically, labor and expert professionals will be required to fulfill the increasing demand. Similarly, restaurant business will prosper too giving room for employment opportunities.

Jobs in Doha

Qatar has become the hub of Gulf States and infrastructure development and oil exploration require professionals from every field to work in the industries, and the good news is that the industries are growing per day. Budding industries will boost the job opportunities for Qataris as well as foreigners who live there. its the time now to look for jobs in qatar



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