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Driver job in Qatar

Working immersed in a culture very different from yours can be a very enriching and valuable experience in both work and personal aspects. This adventure can take you to places where there is a strong contrast between tradition and an extraordinary economic development achieved in record time thanks to the exploitation and commercialization of the energy source par excellence, oil.

Employment in Qatar for foreigners often involves high wages. On average, from 3-4 thousand dollars per month and above. In the area of ​​unskilled labor, you can count on a salary of 1-2 thousand, sometimes less. The average salary in Doha in 2018 for experienced foreign specialists with scarce professions exceeds $5,000 per month. The minimum wage in the country starts at $300. In general, everything depends on the profession and conditions of the employment contract.

Official work in Doha implies a preliminary search for a vacancy, a labor contract, the opening of a working visa and a residence permit. Responsibility for the observance of the legality of the exercise of professional activities by a foreigner in Qatar is assigned to the employer. The local Ministry of Labor carefully checks employment conditions and decides whether to issue a work visa based on the needs of the Qatari labor market.

What do you need to know about Driver jobs in Qatar? Holders of a foreign driver’s license can drive during the first 7 days of stay in the country and holders of an international driver’s license for 6 months. After these periods, and once the residence permit is obtained, a provisional or permanent driving permit can be requested at the Qatar Traffic Department for which you must make a test in a driving school. On the other hand, the car rental companies will rent the car depending on the period of validity of the stay visa you have.

Looking for Driver jobs in Qatar

Depending on the rental company, the minimum age to rent a car in Qatar is 21 years (the age can vary in both cases depending on the category of the vehicle). The driver’s license must be at least 1 year old. The international driving license is mandatory. In Qatar the speed limits are:

  • In city: 50 km / h
  • on roads: between 80-100 km / h
  • 120 km / h on highways and motorways.

Working as a house driver, you should know that you drive on the right. The safety belt is mandatory for those traveling in the front of the vehicle. Children under 10 years old cannot travel in the front seat. In Qatar, gas stations are easily found and gasoline is cheaper than other countries. Some of them have automatic dispensers.

How driving experience influences wages:

  • Experienced: + 10%
  • Half of the career: + 5%
  • Beginner: – 15%

Among the work benefits for a driver’s job are Pension plan, Health insurance, and Training courses. Typical work requirements include Educational level which should be at least a High school diploma. Computer literacy is not necessary but an advantage. Also, there is no probationary period in driving jobs. Most of the time, you don’t need to have knowledge of a foreign language.
The driving license is the most important requirement to get a driving job in Qatar and some times any Jobs in Qatar.


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