Qatar Jobs What do you need to know

What do you need to know before applying for Jobs in Qatar?

Qatar Jobs What do you need to know. Qatar is a developed Arab country with a hot climate. Every year, the country attracts a large number of foreigners. Many leave to live and work, although it is impossible to obtain citizenship of this country. Today’s article is focused on Jobs in Qatar.

Qatar Jobs
Qatar Jobs

Foreigners are attracted not only by the warm climate and the sea but also by the opportunity to be realized in a career in order to gain international experience. The industries in which the compatriots work are quite wide. This includes tourism, hotel business, financial sector, medicine, energy, education, etc. A good specialist who is also a professional in his field will always be able to find a decent job in Qatar and will be in demand.

A work visa is not necessary for citizens of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE. Residents of other countries to work in the territory of Qatar should issue a work visa. It is of two types: Temporary, which is a type of visa issued for up to one year. Its issuance must be confirmed by the Department of Immigration.

Confirmation and invitation from the employer are sent to the foreign resident in his home country. With these documents, he prepares himself an entry visa to Qatar. Upon arrival in the state, a foreign national is required to undergo fingerprinting and a medical examination, which includes mandatory blood donation for HIV infection. Constant type of visa is issued for 3 years. The issuance of such a document is approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A permanent visa is issued for about a month. It provides a lot of opportunities.

The average salary in this country is equal to 4,000 dollars (14,600 QAR), and the minimum salary by law cannot be less than 300 dollars (1,100 Qatari Rial). Domestic personnel (drivers, nannies, governess, cooks, etc.) earn an average of $500 (1,820 QAR) in Qatar. People working in the field of information technology earn an average of 16,400 QAR each. Oil industry employees receive from 18,200 to 20,000 QAR. Nursing staff in this country earns from 3,640 QAR and highly qualified doctors on average receive from 14,600 QAR.

Finding a job in Qatar always begins with a resume (CV) in English. Although the official language in Qatar is Arabic, English is widely spoken among the population in Qatar jobs. In summary, it is desirable to describe in detail your work experience, skills, knowledge and results achieved. It is also recommended to indicate the knowledge of languages ​​and level of education (diplomas, certificates). The next step is sending your resume to a potential employer. Your resume or CV should be directly to the company of interest. You can also apply through sites with vacancies as well as through the recruitment agencies.

 Jobs in Doha

Most of the vacancies are concentrated in the restaurant and hotel business. Finding a Qatar jobs in this area is easiest in the tourist city of Doha. Among the benefits of getting an employment in Qatar to include the possibility of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of a long working visa, the possibility of obtaining citizenship in this country, opportunity for career growth, and the possibility of extending a work visa without leaving the country.

Qatar Jobs

There are a lot of Qatar Jobs available now. You can find a job in Qatar through online job portals. You can also find a job by word of mouth. You can ask your friends or relatives if they know any company hiring in Qatar. There are many Qatar Jobs construction companies, oil and gas companies, and other companies that are hiring in Qatar. You can also find a job by searching in the newspapers.



    • abdelbaki - November 10, 2018

      انا من الجزائر مهتم بالعمل في قطر علما اني خريج جامعة اتمتع ب شهادة جامعية في ميدان التكنولوجيا قسم الهندسة الكهربائية تخصص اليات

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    • Anasjamli - November 25, 2018

      I am from tunisia. I am 27 years old and i need a job in qatar. I am a chimical engineering with one year of experience in sales.

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      • Dipuu - April 20, 2019

        Good morning sir/ Madam
        Im Dipendra Sah from Nepal I’m interested many job some like sales man
        Document controller,office boy, so u have job so plz call me please

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    • Ikram djeradi - December 2, 2018

      أنا إسمي إكرام و أنا من الجزائر و أدرس السنة التانية تانوي علوم تجريبيه لدي ميول للفيزياء و الكهرباء و أتقن الانجليزيه و الفرنسيه اود ان اذهب الى لبنان و العمل مهندسة إتصالات ارجو المساعده في اسرع وقت ممكن مع كامل احترامي وتقديري للجميع و بالتوفيق اتمنى ان ياخد طلبي بعين الاعتبار لاني بامس الحاجة إلى أن هذه الخطوة

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    • oualid serradj - December 8, 2018

      انا وليد من الجزائر حاصل على شهادة الليسانس في علوم التسيير اختصاص تدقيق و مراقبة التسيير وكذلك املك خمس سنوات خبرة في مجال تسيير الموارد البشرية
      اريد الحصول على وظيفة في قطر
      ارجو ان ينال طلبي الاهتمام
      اتمنى التوفيق للجميع

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    • Charge ayache - February 16, 2019

      سلام انا شارف عياش من الجزائر تقني في تصليح الأجهزة الكهرومنزلية تبريد و تدفئةو تركيب المكيفاتو إصلاحها خبرة 22 سنة زائد حرفة الترصيص و الكهرباء منزلية و صناعية .

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    • Mohamed Houna - March 9, 2019

      My name is mohamed houna. I from in maroco , I wish find a the job in QATAR . I have lisence the sociology in university of cady ayyad a MARRAKECH.

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    • Dal bahadur karki - April 13, 2019

      Dear sir,I need job from butchery in the I am working in qatar.marrriott marques hotel.but,I would like to work in the market.thank you.

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    • Ali Mohamed Ibrahim - April 13, 2019

      I’m Ali Mohamed Ibrahim from Kenya , I have diploma in public administration,i have experience in hotel management for 5 years ,I would like to get a job in Qatar. Thank you

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    • Goudia KONATE - April 25, 2019

      I’m Goudia KONATE journalist from Bamako in Mali westafrica. My newspaper is Le Phare and appears in Bamako in french. I speak and write english, germain and french and many other african languages. I’m very interested in your offer and want to apply

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    • Rebihaoui Nabil - August 18, 2019

      I am Nabil from Algeria interested in working in Qatar knowing I am an engineer in energy mechanics … I hope to respond from you

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    • DEREB YOHANNES - October 31, 2019

      I am Dereb from Ethiopia.I am An IT professional with more than 9 years of experience. I am MCSA and CCNA certified. I need IT job in Qatar. I am learning arabic and i am fluent in english.

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    • Mona Ali - February 23, 2020

      انا من السودان أعمل فى مجال الملاحة بفرع هاباغ لويد للملاحة ببورتسودان أرغب بالعمل فى قطر فى مجال الشركات الملاحية حيث لى خبرة فى قسم الوارد و الارضيات

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    • Mona Ali - February 23, 2020

      I am Sudanese I am working in Hapag Lloyd in Port sudan Ihope to work in Qarar Ihave experince in Import & Demurrage Depatment in the shipping .

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    • Yassin Osman - October 9, 2020

      Good evening,
      Please be informed that I am a translator French-Arsbic -English.I have a large experience in this field. I have the pleasure to find a work in this field of translation in Qatar. Please inform me when it is possible.
      Best Regards

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    • Mohammed Abdelgadir - September 17, 2021

      Hi I am Mohammed Abdelgadir i am from Sudan I am seeking job in qatar in field of logistics,Warehousing,transportation,Supply and all types of logistics operations

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    • Alibadi - February 16, 2022

      انا علي بادي احتاج العمل مهما كان ليس لدي شهادة جامعية وعمري في 21

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